Bi-Metallic Tubes


Bimetallic tube is composed of two different materials - usually inner material is a corrosion resistant alloy (copper, aluminum brass or Cupro nickel) whereas the outer material is a high-stress resistant alloy (Brass, stainless steel or carbon steel). It is, however, possible to manufacture bimetallic tubes with any material combination as per the requirement & availability. In applications with high pressures and corrosive conditions, bimetallic tube permits a large economical savings in comparison with a tube made of a single alloy, since the use of precious materials is reduced to the minimum. 


Bimetal tubes combine the positive properties of different materials for use in various media. Bimetal tubes are a safe and economical solution for heat transfer in aggressive media, since expensive, corrosion-resistant materials can be combined with less expensive ones. We manufacture these tubes through rolling & drawing process which gives flawless cladding between two different metal tubes.


In order to increase area of the tube for better heat transfer, helical fins can be formed on outer tubes surface, if required. Fin density of 11 FPI to 26 FPI can be accommodated, depending upon the Customer’s specific requirement.


Product Features:

Outer Tube Diameter: 9.52 mm to 42 mm
Outer Tube Thickness: 0.71 mm and above
Inner Tube Thickness: 0.5 mm and above
Tube Length: Up to 12 Mtrs
Tube Material: Copper, Brass, Aluminum Brass, Cupro Nickel, Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel

End Application: Heat Exchangers for Power Plants, High Corrosive Systems, Chemical & Petro Chemical Industries, Food Processing Systems etc