Tube Tech offers various types of Copper helical cooling coils to suit the specific requirements of our esteemed Customers in the field of Refrigeration, Petroleum and brewing industry. Whether heating or cooling, these helical coils make good use of space and the use of copper itself reduces the total amount of material necessary to achieve the desired heat transfer goal. Apart from Copper tubing, our facilities are capable of manufacturing helical coils from customer designs in aluminum tubing and stainless steel tubing as well with the same product quality and dimensional accuracy.



The Copper Helical cooling coils are available in tube diameters 6 mm to 22 mm and wall thickness 0.7 mm and above, in round / square / rectangular Or any other shape Or size as required by our Customers. These Cooling Coils are available in single layer wound OR double layer wound and with either ends OR fitted with Nuts / tube reducers at ends, as per the requirement.