Tubes Tech produces an exclusive range of Ferrous & Non Ferrous “U” Tubes for Condensers, Boilers and heat exchanger applications. These U tubes are manufactured according to ASTM B 395, other common heat exchanger standards and grades and the technical specifications given by the Customer. All the U Tubes are subjected to Hydrostatic or Pneumatic tests at the recommended pressure as per the Customer’s requirement. The U tubes can be heat treated on specific request of the Customer. The U tubes are internally cleaned and capped at both ends to avoid contamination. These U Tubes are available in Copper, Brass, Cupro Nickel, Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Tube materials.


Dimensional Range:


* Outer Diameter – 6 mm to 75 mm
* Bending Radius (Minimum) – 1.5 X Tube Diameter
* Bending Radius (Maximum) – 600 mm
* Available in lengths up to 12 mtrs.
* Tight radius and large radius bends may also be fabricated for specific requirements.
* Manufactured as per ASTM, TEMA and all other common heat exchanger specifications and grades.


End Applications: Heat Exchangers, Chillers etc